The genesis of the School goes back to mid-forties when Miss Soophis Majeed Turaie and her younger sister Miss Fizza Turi embarked on their daunting mission of providing high standard education to the Muslims of the area. This bold step provided the Muslims of this area an opportunity to send their children to school without having fear of losing their progeny to an alien culture which had at that time taken root in our educational institutions.

AES School was established in 1946 as model English medium school for progressive Muslims. The School since then has gone through various stages of development and has always maintained itself abreast of changes taking place in the world. With a highly qualified and dedicated team, well equipped science & computer laboratories, it provides an excellent ground for preparing our children for bright future. Simultaneously a very strong emphasis is laid on teaching of Arabic language for better understanding of the Holy Quran and in depth study of Islamiyat and Islamic History. The School not only produces excellent results in Matriculation and Cambridge examination but also turns out students with exceptional qualities in co-curricular activities.