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  1. Farmers get chance to quiz council over ballarat developments

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    Farmers get chance to quiz council over ballarat developments

    HANOVER, N.H. (CBSNewYork) — The council voted Tuesday af광주출장안마ternoon to discuss several community questions pertaining to development around Hanover Hall as part of its ongoing discussion on the Ballarat neighborhood.

    The panel includes residents, business people and members of the Hanover Hall Neighbors Group, among others, at a special meeting on the Hanover Community Council.

    Those living in the neighborhood would like to make changes that would make the community more appealing to prospective developers and to see the housing become available.

    “This is not a community you look to for success,” said Councilman Stephen Brown during the special meeting.

    One of those asked to comment was Robert Karr, chief financial officer for the town of Hanover. He told CBS2’s Dori Monson his town is ready to change 공주안마the character of the area.

    “All we want is an affordable neighborhood that people would want to live in,” he said.

    In September, officials were pushing for the Hanover Association of Governments and the Hanover Community Association an에스엠 카지노d businesses to come together to come up with more ideas on what could be accomplished with the development area.

    At the time, residents, community members and developers spoke against the idea.

    Karr thinks Hanover residents didn’t understand what was at stake.

    “I think that I would agree that some residents did not really know how it would work,” he said.

    The Hanover Hall Neighbors group is concerned about what this proposal will cost Hanover residents, especially with its current residents living on a $17 per square foot tax rate.

    It has proposed adding affordable housing on all four of the parcels that comprise the Hanover community center. In an effort to balance those costs, the town plans to also allow one resident to live on the three parcels that comprise the development area.

    The town hopes the housing units will be affordable for people who are middle income and can pay the new residential building tax — currently $26 per unit for a one-bedroom.

    That project would also include five rental apartments near the development center.