The AES courses provide two options to the students after class VII.

The curriculum is designed to provide a structured learning program to enable students in acquiring proper knowledge as well as grooming of their personalities to be good progressive practising Muslims.

Mathematics:    Develop a basic understanding of numbers and geometrical concepts by relating to real-life problems.

Sciences:             Develop an understanding of the laws of nature around the pupil by relating science to life around them.

Computer:          Develop basic skills to use a computer for research and developing reports and presentations.

Related Arts:      Encourage students to explore and express their imaginative and creative skills through different mediums.

Physical Education:         Develop basic athletic and sports skills of the students.


English / Urdu:   Proper use of language.

Arabic:                 Understanding of basic grammar and development of enough vocabulary to help a child read and understand Quran.

Religious Education

Islamiyat:            To understand the duties and requirements of a practising Muslim and norms for living a social life.

Islamic History:  Develop an understanding of Islamic history and knowledge about prophets and heroes in our history.

Early years

A purely activity-based program to develop pupil’s various skills.