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  1. Wa group to dance at commonwealth games

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    Wa group to dance at commonwealth games

    Two female nurses took over for the men in Saturday’s Commonwealth Games in Canberra.

    Billed as the largest female-only event in the Commonwealth Games, the women were among the participants dressed in casual attire, which is standard practice during the event.

    Blessed in pink with the words “FAME IN DREAMS” on the back, all five of the participants danced with two-toed boots and the women in particular kept their legs on the floor as they danced and waved in the crowd.

    One of the nur용인안마 용인출장마사지ses, who is a veteran female nurse, said it was fantastic 수원안마to see more women in uniform taking part in events.

    “With the men in uniform, they get to run down the main runway,” said the female nurse, who did not want to be named.

    The nurse said it was also great to see the event being shown from different angles and it meant the crowd could be entertained, adding the event could serve as a model for others.

    “I’m very excited for this to be a success,” the nurse said. “It brings a new element to the commonwealth games, this is an event that people are taking more interest in.”

    But another nurse said it was exciting that women were participating in a larger competition and it was a “once-in-a-generation” opportunity to bring more girls into sport.

    “In my world, if I can be an athlete, then why can’t women? It makes me feel really lucky that I could become an Olympian at the Commonwealth Games,” said the nurse.

    Gail Stilson, Commonwealth Games director, said the women’s event was a key component of the Games, as were the women’s running event.

    “As the first women’s interna바카라 게임tional competition to date, this will also be an exciting showcase for women and give new energy to the Commonwealth Games,” said Stilson.

    “Our sport is at the forefront of this movement and with this new program that celebrates women’s achievements, women are more engaged, more active and with an equal chance at success.”

    Australian Olympic committee president Sir Chris Hoy, who has long campaigned for greater participation by women athletes, said the women’s program represented progress.

    “This is a great moment for Australia and an exciting year for women’s sport at the Commonwealth Games and our team is going to push hard to make this happen,” Hoy said.

    “This Olympic Games is a place wher

  2. New training range a key resource air force head says

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    New training range a key resource air force head says카지노 사이트

    DAMASCUS, Sept 6 (Reuters) – Russia’s Federal Aviation Administration said on Friday that a new training range would be a “significant source of additional funding”.

    Russia is struggling to contain the threat posed by Islamic State jihadists on its borders and has taken steps to limit them by taking action to reduce the flow of foreign fighters entering the country from Syria and Iraq.

    The ministry said it was proposing in the fall to set up a training base in Syria and that it was working out how best to build up the training facilities.

    The ministry said a training center could cost about $25 million ($22 million) and was being set up in the remote desert town of Sarin with the assistance of Turkey.

    바카라사이트Such a significant source of additional financing will be very useful for the air force, both as a buffer for air operations and as a buffer for combat operations in Syria, including in the case of joint operations,” deputy head of the National Center for Aviation Military Airports Nikolai Shklovsky told a news conference.

    KGB chief Sergei Ivanov told a seminar that the training facility would be operational in the coming months. (Reporting By Pavel Polityuk, Writing by Alexander Winning; editing by Gareth Jones and Alistair Bell)

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