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  1. First ashes test day two summary (click to enlarge):

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    First ashes test day two summary (click to enlarge):

    As we reported last week, the two new sets of results have now been submitted with the original batch of tests due to be released soon. These results confirm the initial findings with no additional problems observed in testing or testing in general.

    And what’s the new word we heard yesterday? The EPA issued a statement confirming that “there are no further violations that have occurred under the’reduced tailpipe emissions’ standard.”

    EPA continues to urge all of our elected and appointee officials in the state to keep up the good work and work with us on implementing슬롯 머신 our green policies that will save us energy, cut emissions, improve air quality and protect our health for everyone in our state. We can never have too many good government jobs, and the good news about EPA today has been the strong support of all of our elected officials in the state.”

    We can now wait to learn the actual new regulations, and who will implement them as soon as they can. The good news for the rest of us though is that at least for now, EPA will have the additional authority it needs to enforce our new rules, and will have the backing of all the states of the union with laws and regulations to do so. (And since we have the support of the 바카라coal industry in North Carolina, we may have even more su경주안마pport.)