Tuition Fee

Fees once received are not refundable. 


The Fees must be paid by the 10TH OF EVERY MONTH. A special incentive of concession in next month fee Rs. 200 is available for all these who submit the fee bills by the prescribed date.

A student has to contribute to the following funds and functions:

(a)   Picnic
(b)   Computer charges (where applicable)
(c)   Laboratory charges (where applicable)
(d)   Annual charges (January every year)

FEES ONCE RECEIVED ARE NOT REFUNDABLE and the manner of their spending is not accountable to the parents. The management, on the instruction of Advisory Board, can change/ increase the fee or other charges without any prior notice.

In general yearly increase keeping in view inflation and other factors will be made.

Fee Structure

Prospectus – Rs. 500/-

Registration Fee – Rs. 500/- (Non-Refundable & Pay at the time of admission test)

Admission Fee – Rs. 16000/- (Non-Refundable)

Annual Fund – Rs. 1200/- (Non-Refundable & Pay in January every year)

School Security – Rs. 10000/- (Refundable)

Fee Monthly
Tuition Fees Rs.8,375
Fee Monthly
Tuition Fees Rs.8,375
Fee Monthly
Tuition Fees Rs.8,375
Fee Monthly
Tuition Fees Rs.10,380
Fee Monthly
Tuition Fees Rs.12,810

Discounts /Concession

At Adabistan e Soophia School, has been contributing to the educational needs of students through various programs and initiatives.


Special concession is available for third   brother or sister from KG to Class X.


All students of AES are covered by orphan concession policy of school.


All children of staff members of AES are given special fee concession.


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