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Play Group to Pre-IX and IGCSE

Academic year starts in August. Registration for an academic year begins in February. Registration form is available online and can also be taken from school office from 1st week of February. Registered students are called for test / interview in March every year.

Admission is subject to availability of seat and qualifying in test and interview. Students are encouraged to get in touch with the admissions office and apply as early as possible since acceptance depends on seat availability.

You can get admission form from admin office or simply apply online by filling the form. Our convenient online application tool only takes 10 minutes to complete.

After you submit your application, our admissions office will contact you and will help you complete the process.

Once you’ve completed your application and got connected with our admissions office, you will get your schedule for interview.



Islamic School in Lahore


Of Matric students clear the final Board Exams


Students score above 80% Marks in Matric & IGCSE

Apply for 2022

Admissions are open for March 2022-2023. Fill the online application form and get connected with our admission office.

Scholarship Programs

Adabistan e Soophia School, has always contributed towards the educational needs of students through various programs and initiatives. The Merit Scholarship is granted to top position holders across all grades.

Tuition Fee

The Fees must be paid by the 10TH OF EVERY MONTH. A special incentive of concession in next month fee Rs. 200 is available for all these who submit the fee bills by the prescribed date.

A student has to contribute to the following funds and functions:

– Picnic
– Computer charges (where  applicable)
– Laboratory charges (where applicable)
– Annual charges (January every year)

FEES ONCE RECEIVED ARE NOT REFUNDABLE and the manner of their spending is not accountable to the parents. The management, on the instruction of Advisory Board, can change/ increase the fee or other charges without any prior notice.


Sibling Concession

Special concession is available for third brother or sister from KG to Class X.

Orphans Concession

All students of AES are covered by orphan concession policy of school.

Staff Concession

All children of staff members of AES are given special fee concession.

Withdrawal Policy

In case of withdrawal of a student from school one month’s notice or one month fee in lieu thereof must be given by the parents. A student shall also be considered to have been withdrawn from the school if:

  • He/she has not attended the school for a period of a month, unless such absence was agreed to by the head of the school in writing.
  • His/her fees   have   remained   unpaid for two consecutive months.
  • He/she has been asked to withdraw from the school due to disciplinary reasons. The school in the event of such withdrawal, shall not be required to give any notice before enforcing its decision, which shall be at the absolute and sole discretion of the school.
  • From class I to IV he/she has failed in the same class for two consecutive years or, has failed to qualify for promotion on two different occasions in his/her school career. In class V and onwards he/she has failed to qualify for next class.
  • In case of any of the above given cases, the outstanding fees shall be adjusted against the security deposit paid to the school, and balance, if any due, shall be recoverable from the parents/guardian of the child.
  • A student shall be deemed to be enrolled in the school until he/she has completed his/her normal education, having taken his/her final public examination (Secondary or Higher Secondary), and all his/her dues to the school have been finally settled, in which case he/she shall only be considered to be withdrawn after the outstanding fees/other dues (if any) payable up to the last month during which he/she appears for his/her last public examination paper, are fully settled.


AES offers education to children from KG to Pre-IX and IGCSE

ClassAge LimitGender Segregation
KG-I2 Years, 8 Months – 3 Years, 7 MonthsCo Education
KG-II3 Years, 8 Months – 4 Years, 7 MonthsSegregated
KG-III4 Years, 8 Months – 5 Years, 7 MonthsSegregated
Class I5 Years, 8 Months – 6 Years, 7 MonthsSegregated
Class II6 Years, 8 Months – 7 Years, 7 MonthsSegregated
Class III7 Years, 8 Months – 8 Years, 7 MonthsSegregated
Class IV8 Years, 8 Months – 9 Years, 7 MonthsSegregated
Class V9 Years, 8 Months – 10 Years, 7 MonthsSegregated
Class VI10 Years, 8 Months – 11 Years, 7 MonthsSegregated
Class VII11 Years, 8 Months-12 Years, 7 MonthsSegregated
Class VIII (Pre-IX & IGCSE)12 Years, 8 Months – 13 Years, 7 MonthsSegregated

Admission Requirements

  • Pay the registration fee.
  • Fill the admission form.
  • Get a date for test.
  • Appear for interview if selected in the test.
  • If selected in interview follow the following procedure.


An informal interview with the students and both parents is taken. In general a child’s confidence, recognition of colors and motor skills are assessed along with spoken expressions.

KG-2 / KG-3

A written test is taken to assess the understanding of letters, numbers and vocabulary followed by an interview along with parents.

Class I – VII

A written test in English, Maths, Urdu followed by an interview along with parents. No specific book is recommended. Test is of general nature.


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