Information for teachers

Adabistan e Soophia strength derives from the quality, dedication, and expertise of its faculty. The links below provide information and resources for full-time and part-time faculty.

The mission of AES is to provide the best possible education as also to mould strong religious and moral character of our younger generations. We aim to produce talented youngsters who would distinguish themselves by their knowledge, competence, religious, humanitarian and moral standards. The pupils are groomed to approach all types of problems in a positive and constructive manner, to respond to the requirements of ever changing world, to show tolerance and respect to others and to serve their religion, society, country and humanity in the most befitting manner.

All new job requisitions must be accompanied by up-to-date position description. The position description will be attached to the electronic requisition and reviewed in each step of the approval process. The position description serves as the point of reference when describing the job to potential candidates and applicants. Subsequently, the position description should be made available to the employee once hired and should be an integral part of the yearly evaluation process. You can send us your documents to info@adabistan.edu.pk or contact us for more information.

Every staff position has a grade level. Local HR offices administer the compensation system for employees in their units, evaluating jobs and determining the grade of each position based on professional knowledge, skills, required education and experience and job responsibilities; and the complexity and scope relative to other school positions.

You can see all open position in Adabistan e Soophia at info@adabistan.edu.pk

AES provides comprehensive health benefits and insurance programs that support you and your family. With our many options, you can find coverage that meets your needs at all stages of your life. The actual benefit plan provisions will govern if there is any inconsistency between the information on this website and AES’s formal plan documents.

Retiree Health Retirees who meet eligibility requirements have a choice of health plans for themselves and eligible dependents.

Health & Wellness

Adabistan e Soophia wants our employees to be happy and healthy. We have a wide range of health, vision and medical insurance options for employees and their dependents, spouses and qualified domestic partners, as well as money-saving programs to help you manage costs.

Pay, Vacation & Retirement

AES’s generous compensation packages let you manage a healthy work/life balance while planning for your future.

Other Benefits & Perks

As part of the AES community, you enjoy many perks that come with working for one of the top employers in Lahore, as well as access to the unique cultural resources at one of the Lahore’s top schools.


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