The Campus Experience

Get a taste of life at Adabistan e Soophia

AES’s 3-acre campus is situated at Mozang — everything this city has to offer is less than 3.5 miles away. 

Campus culture and student experiences


AES has an inclusive environment, and students from different social and ethnic backgrounds learn together in a congenial conducive environment.


AES has a deep-rooted terbiya program that ensures learning through purposefully designed academic and co-curricular activities. All students get equal opportunities to polish their skills in the field of their interest.


AES fosters a competitive and friendly environment that lets students learn the basics of their journey in a disciplined way. 

At Adabistan-e-Soophia, prime importance is given to the practical observation and learning by students so as to make things easier for them to grasp. The process of introduction to practical experience regarding the subjects starts right from the beginning in Pre-School Section where students are taught by look and see method. This process continues as more detailed study of different subjects is included in the curriculum.


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